I Want Better Pancakes: Use Cheese Instead of Syrup

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I Want Better Pancakes: Use Cheese Instead of Syrup

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Instead of settling for sugary cereal or bland toast, try including some pancakes into your daily routine.

Pancakes can be a surprisingly healthy option. Instead of using white, highly processed flour to make them, use a whole-wheat product. You might also try making buckwheat pancakes for a unique treat.

We often think of a plate of pancakes as a sweet food, topped with a pile of syrup and whipped cream. You can turn this dish into a savory option by making a quick substitute.

Instead of pouring syrup onto your pancakes, use your favorite cheese!

What Pancakes Work Well With Cheese?

The traditional pancake with white flour can struggle to provide a firm foundation for a cheese sauce. It’s built more for the sweet variety of breakfast, which may not be the best option since it’s filled with carbs and sugar.

Pancakes made from potatoes are an excellent choice. Anything made with whole grains can support a cheesy decision.

Even savory crepes work well with some tart, soft cheese varieties like Brie or Camembert. Smaller and thinner pancakes tend to work better than thick, spongy ones when you substitute cheese.

If you do have thick pancakes and want to try something new, consider using sliced cheese instead of melted to create a “sandwich” to enjoy in the morning.

Benefits of Using Cheese on Pancakes Instead of Syrup

If you’re willing to try having cheese on your pancakes instead of syrup, several benefits can come from that decision.

1. Cheese is healthier than syrup.

Most syrups today have several added sugars. You get a massive dose of sucrose with each serving, which can create digestive problems for some people. Most brands offer fructose as an ingredient, and you might have high-fructose corn syrup on top of that. It’s a recipe that can lead you toward diabetes.

Cheese provides a more vibrant flavor profile to your breakfast without the same health risks. Choices like feta, Swiss, or cottage cheese can help you to maintain a diet without feeling hungry or guilty. If you don’t have eating restrictions to consider, be bold with a block of cheese like stilton or Gruyere.

2. You’ll add protein and fiber to your morning routine.

Your body needs protein and fiber to aid the natural digestive process. When you eat cheese with your pancakes instead of syrup, you’re replacing a hefty dose of added sugar with a significant protein portion. Instead of a fast spike that sends you into a crash, you’ll get sustained energy to use throughout the day.

Since starchy pancakes don’t hold up well to cheese, you’ll move toward a breakfast with more whole grains naturally. That decision adds more fiber to your diet.

3. Pancakes and cheese go well with several fruits.

If you long for sweetness with your breakfast, try adding a favorite fruit to your pancakes and cheese. Several fruit-and-cheese combinations provide appealing results. Consider trying watermelon with feta, pear with Brie, or apples with cheddar while enjoying a luscious pancake slice. It can also be a lot of fun to experiment in this category!

When you add fruit to your breakfast, another dose of fiber comes your way. That means your body can process the nutrients better while you enjoy the long-term energy boost.

You can even add some fruit to your pancake batter, like blueberries or strawberries, to enhance this benefit even further.

4. You have more choices for breakfast.

Pancakes and syrup create a one-tone dish that eventually gets old. You can shift to a different syrup brand or move from brown sugar to maple, but it all remains similar. Substituting cheese into this conversation creates a lot more variety.

You can choose a cheese that is sweet, tangy, sour, or pungent. If you make pancakes on a griddle, you could fry the cheese for a crunchy layer on top. The cheese can also get turned into a sauce that you’d pour like syrup.

The cheese you add to your pancakes can go with other elements of your breakfast. A sharp cheddar works well with smoked, crispy bacon as a play in contrasts. Add an egg, a little sour cream, and a dollop of ricotta for a fresh treat. Your imagination can provide infinite combinations.

5. It is a chance to make breakfast from scratch.

Many of the cheese options that work well with pancakes are easily made at home. That means you can create breakfast from scratch each day using locally-sourced ingredients.

You don’t need to put the cheese on top of the pancakes either. You could mix in some cottage cheese with your pancake batter to give yourself a protein boost. If you want to take the fat out of this idea, consider using egg whites instead.

When you make breakfast from ingredients that you know, it is easier to avoid unwanted additives and preservatives in your diet.

Are You Ready to Bring Back Breakfast?

Better pancakes start when you take the added sugar away from this breakfast food. Substituting cheese can give you a savory, fulfilling treat with lots of variety.

When you consider the different flour and cheese combinations to try, there are thousands of different breakfast options to find!

The next time that you decide to make cheese at home, consider reserving some for your breakfast. Whether you enjoy it sliced, melted, or as a sauce, this high-protein addition will leave you feeling satisfied all day long.

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